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G722-125-188 1-1/4" SANDBLAST WHIP HOSE / 1.88" OD

G722-125-188 1-1/4" SANDBLAST WHIP HOSE / 1.88" OD

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G722 Sandblast is designed to conduct sand, shot, glass beads, and other abrasives at high velocity. The tube is static conductive to prevent dangerous shocks and the outside diameter is designed to accept over-the-cover sandblast couplings. The life of a sandblast is greatly affected by velocity of flow and amount of hose bending. Typically, hoses will wear out on the outside radius of a curved hose, especially near the operator where it is continuously flexed. Selection of the correct nozzle size is important to prevent premature wear. Sandblast whip hoses are designed with a reduced outside diameter for extra flexibility to reduce operator fatigue. However, the tighter bends that occur with the smaller outside diameters will reduce hose life. Of course the quality and thickness of the tube material also affect the life and the price of the hose. Be wary of less expensive sandblast hoses that may give false economy if they wear out faster. There is an international standard (DIN 53516) that measures abrasion loss of rubber. The rating for G722 is 70+/- 1.5 mm³. Wear rates of competitive hoses found in the market have been measured at 140 and more.


 HOSE I.D.  1-1/4"
 HOSE O.D.  1.88"
 HOSE TYPE  Sandblast
 WEIGHT  0.72 lb/ft
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